bookmark_borderPush Reel Lawn Mowers: Saving the Environment and Money

Gas prices are going through the rough and the planet is being threatened by increasing carbon emissions. Living in the modern world can be tough with these factors weighing down your mind. Making the transition from traditional gas powered lawn mowers to push reel mowers may seem like a difficult habit to change, but this article will present the three reasons why a push reel mower can provide peace of mind, cost efficiency, and a green living alternative. This is about how YOU can make a difference in your individual life with far reaching ramifications.

1) Cost Efficiency

As the price of gas hovers close to $4 a gallon nationally, price conscious consumers want some easy ways to save on that monthly gas bill. When gas was 1$ or even $2 per gallon, filling up a small container at the pump for the old gas powered mower didn’t seem too bad. With costs having doubled since then, a push reel mower now is a cost saving alternative.

Many of the better models of push reel mowers deliver the same quality cut as a traditional gas mower, so quality does not have to be sacrificed for affordability. A push reel mower is easy to use and easy to maneuver places. Many models come in at just under 20 pounds which means that transporting a reel mower (either manually or by vehicle) will not throw out your back.

2) Little Maintenance

An added cost savings of a manual powered push reel mower is that there is close to zero maintenance involved. There are simple things to do once in a long while such as sharpening blades, greasing the joints, and getting rid of rust. A can of WD-40 and a simple blade sharpening kit are the extent to which you will need to maintain a push reel mower. If you are picking one up second hand, steal wool might be needed to get rid of existing rust.

How many times has the old gas mower been broken? How many wasted hours of tinkering, pulling the starting cord endlessly, or time spent at the local repair shop? In addition to having relatively insignificant maintenance costs, these mowers will not be mangled after hitting a rock. These mowers also will have virtually no mechanical problems. Any problems that develop will be plain and transparent.

3) Zero Emissions

An added bonus to owning and using a manual mower is that there are no emissions! Traditional gas powered mowers are notorious for their inefficiency and pollution. Many climate change experts have cited gas powered lawn mowers as an individually small, but cumulatively significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that cars are over twenty times more efficient than gas powered mowers. Think about it, cars have had decades of research and engineering dedicated to lowering emissions and fuel consumption. There has been no similar motivation for increasing the efficiency of gas powered mowers.

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